In order to be recognized as an innovate and entrepreneurial company, grow in a sustainable manner and lead the public water and sewage services sector, the IGUÁ Saneamento‘s main business strategies are:

Accelerated growth and industry consolidation:
Geographically spreading and diversifying contracts.
Improving operational expertise through technical training and the development of new technologies.
Industry leadership in Brazil.

Competitive advantages

The IGUÁ’s mission is to provide solutions and improved quality of life to society through the provision of public water and sewage services, adding value to the environment, to its employees and shareholders. To carry this out, IGUÁ has the following competitive advantages:

Technical and operational excellence
Ability to identify and develop new business opportunities in the industry
Strong environmental and social education and awareness programs for the populations in the municipalities where IGUÁ operates
The contracts expire beginning in 2024 and most of them were signed under the current regulatory framework
Experienced management and technical team with ample experience and a solid professional history