Due to its decentralized matrix model of management, IGUÁ is able to provide public water and sewage services to small, medium and large municipalities, due to the gains in scale resulting from the sharing of expenses among its subsidiaries. Given the experience both in concession contracts and public-private contracts, IGUÁ has the flexibility to enter into either of these contractual models, on an individual basis or together with local partners. In addition, it is one of the only private companies in Brazil focused on the provision of public water and sewage services, which makes it highly specialized and equipped with differentiated technical expertise for carrying out its activities. The combination of the factors cited above allows IGUÁ to identify and develop the appropriate solutions that best meet the needs of the granting authority, which, together with its financial strength, debt capacity and differentiated technical assets, make it more competitive in the generation of new business in the industry, both through the adjudication of new concessions and through the acquisition of concessionaires.