Before seeking out a Brokerage Firm, it is suggested that you study the subject on the BM&FBovespa website. The São Paulo Stock Exchange created a Basic Course on the Stock Market to help teach beginners. There are three different modules, which include exercises that test your knowledge. Click on the links below to check them out:

Basic Course “Stock Market”
Basic Course “Spot Market”
Basic Course “Options Market”

After that, the next step is to seek out a Brokerage Firm. Brokerage Firms and other financial intermediaries have professionals who analyze the market, industries and companies, and with them you will be able to inform yourself about the right moment to buy and sell certain stocks to obtain the best results.

You can also trade stocks over the Internet. To do so, you must be the client of a BM&FBovespa Brokerage Firm that has the Home Broker system, which allows stocks to be traded over the Internet. Check out the list of Brokerage Firms that offer Home Broker.