The development of IGUÁ is exposed to a series of situational or circumstantial risks, associated with business activities, either specific or related to the sanitation sector. There are many variables to consider in planning risks, hence the importance of an efficient risk management system able to predict, prevent or mitigate eventual impacts to the day-to-day activities of the Company, its provision of services to the population and growth plans.

At IGUÁ, the Compliance area‘s mission is to strengthen and activate the internal control systems of its subsidiaries with the aim of meeting the demands of good corporate governance, enforcing laws, policies, guidelines and regulations established by various instances. Thus, the Compliance structure, in its relationship with the senior management and the subsidiaries, is responsible for integrating corporate practices related to the following themes: risk assessment; appetite for risk and risk tolerance; rules and responsibilities; policies and procedures and timely monitoring.

The work is developed on a tripod of initiatives: risk mapping, definition of internal controls and continuous monitoring. The priority is the definition of internal controls related to risks mapped based on IGUÁ’s risk appetite/tolerance. The appliIGUÁility and adherence of said controls are continually monitored. The mapping of risks and the structure of controls demand permanent upgrade to avoid losing effectiveness as management tools.