The Sustainability Committee is a permanent non-statutory body that aims to advise the Board of Directors on the performance of its duties related to the planning and management of risks related to the Company’s operations.

The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to advise the Board of Directors on issues related to environmental and operational risks arising from the Company‘s operations to ensure that are conducted in accordance with legislation, ethics, guidelines, internal policies and procedures.

Main attributions of the Sustainability Committee:

  1. Follow-up the Company‘s activities and controls in the management of environmental, structural, health and occupational safety risks arising from its operations;
  2. Verify legal and statutory issues, negative impacts or damages to the environment and occupational health and safety that may be practiced by Iguá;
  3. Comment on matters submitted to it by the Board of Directors;
  4. Follow-up law or administrative proceedings risks with the authorities;
  5. Report the activities of Risk Committee at the Board of Directors’ meetings, or sooner if necessary.