To partners and clients of CAB Ambiental,

2013 was one of the most challenging of CAB Ambiental’s eight-years of commitment to accelerating the provision of basic sanitation services for Brazil’s entire population.

It is with great pleasure that we share our excellent results with you – results that were achieved thanks to the strength and determination of our teams, who work round the clock in our 18 operations, ensuring exemplary service for our 6.6 million direct and indirect beneficiaries.

Using the link below you can download the 2013 edition of our Annual Report, in which we present the main details of our financial, operating and social and environmental performance, as well as the principles that underpin our management model and strategic vision.

We remain firmly committed to our proposal of developing and implementing solutions to ensure that 100% of Brazilians have access to high quality water and sewage collection and treatment, promoting health and full development. And we have the attitude and intelligence to make this happen.

Good reading!

Mario Galvão
Chairman of the Board of Directors