With the objective of improving society’s life and conserving the environment through the services provided in our operations, we understand that sustainability is not just a business commitment, but an inseparable factor in our business that makes it possible to transform people’s lives.

In 2018, we developed a strategic sustainability plan for our business, based on the understanding that sustainability is at the essence of our activities.

This work, which included mapping and analyzing challenges in the regions where we operate, assessing risks and opportunities and researching good practices in the sector, defined our priorities for action in partnership with representatives of our strategic audiences. The topics considered priority were transformed into four axes of action:

1) Water Security
2) Efficiency in Water Production and Distribution
3) Responsibility in the Collection and Treatment of Sewage
4) Respect for People

These axes are part of our DNA and guide the actions of each of our operations, in order to promote the sustainability of the business. To symbolically indicate how much this model should be present in our business conduct, the initials of the four axes form the word “SERR”. In other words, the axes show how we should act for sustainable development.

Anual Reports